Your Land, Your Plan

People often have mixed feelings about the concept of stewardship plans, concerned that directives, rules and regulations are going to take control of their property away from them. However, we think that the more you know about your forestland, and actively manage it to meet your goals, the more empowered you are to protect what matters most. And because forest health is an issue that affects communities as a whole, there can be funding sources available to help offset costs of managing overcrowding, fuels reduction, disease and insect infestation on your property.


Stewardship Plans

Stewardship planners work with you to outline goals for your property, and determine immediate, short-term and long-term objectives and maintenance strategies. Depending on acreage and activities there may be cost-share funds available, and many funding sources require a stewardship plan prior to applying for or receiving funds. Swedberg Contracting can help you get in touch with a stewardship planner right for you, and once you've settled on a direction, can bring your plan to life.

Learn More About Forest Health

There are many resources available for understanding forest health. A few of our favorites are:

DNR Forest Health Program
WSU Forest Health Publications
USFS Western Forest Leaflets

And for those interested in understanding the large-scale issues facing American forests, check out this video:

Rethinking Forests