Defend Your Space

Reducing fuels on your property doesn't mean cutting down all your trees, and is doesn't mean wildfire risk is eliminated. It means that if a fire starts, you have taken precautions to help keep the fire fightable on the ground. Really, it's all about lowering intensity -  reducing debris, diseased trees, and ladder fuels that cause fire to burn out of control, inflicting catastrophic damage on homes, farms and the forest itself. Swedberg Contracting takes into account the diverse factors at play - forest health, overcrowding, ground vegetation, geographic features - and creates effective, site-specific, and aesthetically-pleasing strategies for protecting your personal property.


Big picture, little details.

Swedberg Contracting offer a complete range of fuels reduction services, including whole-house plans that address:

  • creation of defensible space
  • condition of roof and decks
  • plants and landscaping around the home
  • zeroscaping ideas

There's a great program called Firewise that can help you get started understanding the risk factors on your property, and cost-share programs are available in many areas. It's time to take action - contact us today.

And where does the debris go?

We offer several choices for debris disposal, and can recommend a solution tailored to your needs and the condition of your forestland. Options for redistributing and eliminating debris include:

  • hauling and off-site disposal
  • chipping
  • lop and scatter
  • machine/manual brush piling
  • slash burning
  • wildlife piles and snag creation